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Harmonite is a unique, high value-added organic-inorganic composite powder used as a base ingredient and process aid. Unlike other ingredients commonly used in compounding formulations, Harmonite has been shown to economically enhance properties of products in multiple applications.
•  In harmony with your operations — Harmonite flows well at room temperature and blends and homogenizes formulas readily, in many cases dramatically reducing mixing time and lowering power consumption during production.
•  In harmony with your formulations — Harmonite is a high value-added compound that can increase tack, viscosity, hardness, durability, shorten cure times depending on application and need.
•  In harmony with your wallet — Harmonite replaces or reduces use of multiple higher cost materials like plasticizers, tackifier resins, aromatic oils, titanium dioxide, powdered coal, hard clay, petroleum pitch, and Gilsonite® commonly used in many formulations.
•  In harmony with nature — Made from 100% post-consumer recycled roofing shingles in a patented process, products containing Harmonite contribute to LEED® credits while extending the life of existing landfill space.

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Test Results — Glass Sealant Formulations enhanced with Harmonite

Harmonite® meets US & EU Environmental Compliance Requirements

Gilsonite® is a registered trademark of the American Gilsonite Company. LEED® is a registered trademark of USGBC.

• Cost effective • Better performance
• Sustainable


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