Harmonite® — higher performance for your product formulations.

Harmonite is a unique multifunctional, versatile base ingredient and additive that's a high-performance, economical alternative for liquid asphalt and other organic and inorganic ingredients used in compounding formulations. Unlike common commodity asphalt, Harmonite is a finely divided organic/inorganic composite powder rich in asphaltenes and resins which has been shown to economically enhance properties of products in multiple applications.

•  In harmony with your formulations — Harmonite is a unique, high value-added compound that can boost performance and lower the cost of bitumen and polymer-based formulations in many applications.
•  In harmony with your operations — It's a uniform, consistent powder that mixes readily, is easy to handle, flows readily at room temperature, and is compatible with many compounds that are rolled, brushed, troweled, sprayed or molded.
•  In harmony with your wallet — Harmonite reduces or replaces consumption of more expensive ingredients.
•  In harmony with nature — Made from 100% post-consumer recycled roofing shingles in a patented process, products containing Harmonite contribute to LEED® credits while extending the life of existing landfill space.

• Cost effective • Better performance
• Sustainable