Asphalt formulations — Harmonite® shortens cure time, improves durability and load bearing capacity . . .

. . . and improves resistance to deformation in many surfacing and repair formulations, including: Crack filler • Cold patch • Seal coat • Hot Melt PSA road tapes.

Standard industry test methods show significant resistance to deformation in as little as 24 hours, with continued improvement at one week and two week intervals.

The asphaltene structure of Harmonite strengthens softer petroleum fractions, impacting typical road asphalts, cut-back oils and binders by bonding to them and forming larger molecules faster. The same asphaltenes also help increase viscosity of fluids, making them harder and more resistant to deforming flow.

The result is superior fatigue resistance, reduced raveling, rutting and cracking and better bonding to existing surfaces.

Test Results: Cold Patch load capacity dramatically improved.

In the foundry industry. . .

. . . Harmonite® has been shown to be an economical enhancement to the formulation of particular types of cope seal, helping this vital product provide a strong, pliable and easy to apply seal between the two halves of sand casting molds. In addition, testing indicates that replacing specific asphalt-based compounds with Harmonite results in faster, more efficient formulation blending during production. 

Harmonite® meets US & EU Environmental Compliance Requirements

Marshall Test Method confirms — Cold Patch with Harmonite added instead of Calcium Carbonate dramatically improves load carrying capacity. 10% Harmonite added to Cold Patch results in:

• 15% improvement after one day
• 20% improvement after one week
• 70% improvement after two weeks

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Harmonite's binding properties improves durability and shortens cure time.

road and asphalt surface maintenance

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