Harmonite® — New life for waste shingles, and your product formulations

Because it's made solely from waste roofing shingles, Harmonite is 100% sustainable. Unlike other recycled material made from asphalt roofing shingles however, Harmonite is a highly-engineered product made in a patented process under strict quality control measures. It's an ideal base material or additive for improving the performance and economy of all kinds of bituminous formulations, including sealers, adhesives, protective coatings, fillers and binders.

Harmonite is a finely divided, organic-coated, inorganic composite powder. It's made from 100% post-consumer waste asphalt roofing shingles in a process that integrates organic asphalt-based compounds, calcium carbonate and small amounts of other inert materials. At the same time, all residual construction materials, including nails, wood and fabric, are removed.

Over 11 million tons of waste shingles enter landfills yearly. That’s the equivalent of 22 million barrels of oil. In an effort to help reduce this waste, Harmonite® was developed as a high-value added, economical bituminous additive — one that it wholly sustainable and eco-friendly.

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Making Renewal Work


Just how much can RSS recycle?

Each year, Recycled Shingle Solutions can recycle over 50,000 tons of waste roofing shingles, that would normally go into landfills, and converts them into Harmonite. That's enough to cover nearly 1,000 football fields!

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