What is Harmonite®

The unique combination of particle size, surface characteristics, and composite organic/inorganic matrix make Harmonite a versatile, multi-functional, operation-friendly base compound or performance additive that can:

•  Improve key formulation characteristics in multiple applications with increased tack, rubber-to-metal adhesion, internal strength, elongation, abrasion resistance, viscosity, hardness, durability, and shortened cure times.

•  Simultaneously eliminate or reduce the consumption of multiple — and often higher cost — ingredients including Gilsonite®, petroleum pitch, process oils, plasticizers, polymers, tackifying resins, TiO2, talc, CaCO3, powdered coal, hard and soft clays, and others.

•  Dramatically reduce mixing time, up to 50% in some cases, with up to 36% lower power consumption during production.

Harmonite is an asphaltene and resin rich product – a high molecular weight complex mixture in which lighter weight fractions have been driven off due to natural oxidative aging and patented high heat processing steps. Asphaltenes have been shown to:
•   Exhibit polymeric behavior.
•   Be soluble in aromatics and longer straight-chain hydrocarbons, and insoluble in alcohols and water.
•   Increase viscosity and stiffness, and harden softer petroleum fractions.

  • Resins and Asphaltenes

how harmonite worksThe organic phase has a very high percentage of polar compounds — resins and asphaltenes. Test data indicates a resin and asphaltene content that is up to 2.5 times higher than traditionally used commodity asphalt binders.

Polar compounds have been shown to exhibit van der Waals forces and hydrogen bonding, producing polymeric behavior that forms longer chain, intertwined molecules.

The result: increased adhesion and 'tackiness' compared with traditionally used asphalt binders and specialty additives.

Particle Morphology — Particle Count Distribution*
  •   90% <33 µm
  •   50% < 14 µm
  •   10% < 5 µm
*Equivalent circular diameter via Morphologi G3S image analysis – Harmonite 70

A finely-divided powder that is operations-friendly — Harmonite flows well at room temperature, and blends and homogenizes formulas readily. Harmonite compounds are easy to use in a variety of field application methods – roll, brush, spray, trowel, or peel and stick.

'Tacky' characteristics — smaller particles cling to each other in a free flowing physical powder. Readily disperses and solvates smaller particles in aromatic solvents and aromatic or naphthenic process oils.

Harmonite Characteristics Summary

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Harmonite 40 Product Data   •  Harmonite 70 Product Data  •  Harmonite 100 Product Data
 •  Harmonite C Product Data  •   Harmonite Safety Data

Gilsonite® is a registered trademark of the American Gilsonite Company.

Harmonite particle morphology, size distribution and count distribution

how harmonite works

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