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Test Results — Glass Sealant Formulations enhanced with Harmonite
Recently completed trials of glass sealant formulations that included Harmonite revealed simpler formulas with fewer ingredients, lower total cost in use, and equal or better performance characteristics compared to a published reference formula. See results

Special thanks, and best wishes, to Pearce Daley!
After seven wonderful years with RSS, Pearce Daley, Sales Director, has decided to retire, effective January 31, 2020. Pearce has been a valuable member of our team from the beginning, and has been instrumental in the development of Harmonite. With Pearce’s departure, Mr. Ken Thomas, Director of Innovation and Marketing for The Dupps Company, will assume additional responsibilities as Commercial Director at RSS — he will continue his market development role and will also be responsible for sales and customer service.

Please join us in wishing Pearce Daley much health and happiness as he enjoys his well-deserved retirement!

Harmonite® meets EU REACH, U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act, and California Proposition 65 communications requirements — December 17, 2019. Harmonite products have met all the requirements of the European Union's REACH Article 33 "Substances of Very High Concern" communications protocols as well as California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (California Proposition 65) reporting requirements. In addition, it has been determined that no chemicals in Harmonite are subject to the U.S. Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Significant New Use Rules requirements. Show More

At the International Elastomer Conference, RSS Innovation & Marketing Director Ken Thomas presented 'Building it Better - CASE Formulas with Harmonite Powders', an overview of the physical properties and performance of Harmonite in a wide variety of rubber compounding formulas and products. See slide presentation.

Allstates Coatings' ALT-002 TriPoly Acrylic Filler Sealer is a high performance, multi-functional coating ideal for bike paths, playgrounds, bus lane coatings, ship deck coatings and more. In addition to three different acrylic polymers, Harmonite powders feature prominently in the success of the new formula. See Case History.

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