Welcome to RSS, a part of The Dupps Company

From it's headquarters and plant in suburban Atlanta, RSS manufactures Harmonite®, a unique multifunctional, versatile powder that can be used as an economical base compound for building new product formulations, and enhance the performance and economy of existing ones.

Developed through the Dupps Company's high-temperature processing and mechanical reduction expertise, RSS uses a patented process to produce Harmonite from recycled asphalt roofing shingles. The result is a high value-added product that is 100% sustainable.

The Dupps Company — The Tools to Build A Sustainable World

For eighty years, the Dupps Company has been the worldwide leader in providing high-quality rendering equipment and service to the protein recycling industry. Today, we're expanding our role — applying our capability and experience to include process systems and service to industries that are key to the sustainability of our environment and our world.

The Dupps Philosophy in Practice

Mission and Vision To provide superior quality products, solutions and services to the recycling industry, while maintaining the highest level of integrity with our valued employees, customers and community. The Dupps Company will be recognized as a global leader creating innovative process solutions by advancing our technology and capabilities for existing and emerging markets.

Community Responsibility & Stewardship The Dupps Company continues to honor a long-standing tradition of commitment to a better quality of life in the communities where we work and live. The company and its employees contribute substantial resources, time and effort to advance regional and neighborhood support programs and outreach. Here are some of the worthy causes we support.

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Each year, the Dupps Company, its subsidiary, RSS LTD, and their employees donate time and money to causes that help to better people’s lives, including:

  • The Dupps Company Charitable Foundation is dedicated to serving those most in need in our area, including distressed families, children, veterans and mistreated animals. Among the over 70 charitable organizations currently supported by the Foundation are the Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The Foundation also contributes to furthering education through scholarships, science fairs, extracurricular programs and teaching grants.
  • Junior Achievement — Each school term, Dupps employees teach personal finance, work readiness and entrepreneurship education classes to local students.
  • Dupps also offers employees paid time off to volunteer at Matthew 25 Ministries, a charitable organization headquartered in southwest Ohio that provides humanitarian aid locally and worldwide.
  • Montgomery County 4-H Club and the Montgomery County Fair, including an important program that donates beef and pork raised by 4-H members to local food pantries and homeless shelters. 
  • The Sons & Daughters Scholarship Program, providing vital assistance for the continuing education of Dupps employee families. The company also provides generous funding to other local scholarship programs.
  • Support of the Germantown (Ohio) Drug-Free Association, a task force combating the opioid epidemic, is part of the company's growing commitment to help alleviate one of our country's most severe problems. Dupps also continues its active support of our local police department, recently donating the resources to establish a K-9 unit.
  • Community organization sponsorships including sports teams, extracurricular school programs, youth organizations and local blood drives.
Each year during the holiday season, the company makes monetary and goods donations on behalf of its customers and employees to local, regional and nationwide charities serving needy families. 


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