What products use Harmonite?

Harmonite can improve the formulations of products throughout industry — can we add your formulation to the list?

C.A.S.E. — Construction Applications
Cements & Mastics
PSA Membranes
PSA Tapes
Roll-applied Roofing
Roofing Cement
Seaming Tapes
Spray-applied Roofing
ASTM C990 joint sealants and C877 external sealing bands
Cork Tape

Rubber Compounds — Manufacturing Applications
EDPM Hose Covers
Nitrile Floor Mats
SBR, APP and SBS Modified Bitumen Membranes
SBR Conveyor Belts Covers

Asphalt-based Products — Infrastructure
Asphalt Sealer
Cold Patch
Crack Filler
HMPSA Road Tapes
Seal Coat

Other Applications
Foundry Cope Seal
Sporting Clays

Harmonite® meets US & EU Environmental Compliance Requirements

Rubber World article shows how Harmonite performs in high-volume rubber compounding applications.

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